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Water damage can come from a variety of sources: broken plumbing, flooding, leaky roofs, showers or bathtubs among others. Water is, in itself, very destructive and can cause structural damage to any building, endangering its inhabitants. It can also present considerable health risks depending on the origin of the water. In the case of burst or overflowing sewers, water can contain germs and viruses. In addition to being very destructive, water is also a cause for molding. With its ability to seep through cracks, it can get into walls and beneath floors, creating hazardous mold if left undressed for too long.

It is important to deal with water damage properly, securely and immediately in order to decrease the risk of collapsing walls, roofs or floors as well as mold infestations. Statewide Remodeling & Restoration, Inc.’s water restoration services in Kissimmee, FL, offers a complete and immediate response for clients who’s homes or businesses experience water damage.

With a wide range of specialized equipment and experience, we will, upon arrival, asses the damage and initiate a comprehensive solution designed to restore your property to its previous condition in accordance with health and safety regulations. We take pride in our ability to shoulder the burden of such an unfortunate and often unexpected event such as water damage.

The water restoration procedure consists of:

• Initial assessment of the damage
• Securing the affected areas
• Drying and dehumidifying
• Decontamination and sanitation
• Disinfecting
• Safe removal of destroyed belongings and debris
• Investigate for structural threats and damage
• Total restoration of the property to its pre-loss condition

In addition, Statewide Remodeling & Restoration, Inc. is capable of dealing directly with insurers in order to ensure timely response, file a correct claim, maintain proper procedure and potentially lower any deductible. By handling this type of damage for many years, Statewide Remodeling & Restoration, Inc. has developed comprehensive knowledge regarding how to process insurance claims so that they provide the coverage our clients need in order to restore their property to its prior condition.

We have recovered residents from water damage in Kissimmee, FL for many years. Get in touch and find out how water restoration could help you!

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